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Ever since Digitization of data was introduced the society has seen many advancements. Data digitization had made it possible to disseminate, access and preserve data with ease.

However the full potential of any digitized data is realized only when the data is easy to search, manipulate and accessible to information. Also the problem of volumes still remains as one has to visually inspect information in image file. Thus potential business information in an unstructured form gets lost in the process.

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XTRACTOR leverages Optical Character Recognition to offer a multi-pronged, efficient platform. Streamline text extraction from a plethora for digitized formats such as screenshots, scanned documents et al

Automated Xtraction

Fully-automated document capture using algorithms / rules that can infer inherent structure from the text and can be configured for a wide variety of documents

Assisted Xtraction

“Point & Capture” allowing you to view the document and assist the Xtractor, to capture more accurately in cases where automated extraction seems unviable

Do more with your content; Analytics, Search and Reporting based on the “xtracted” content








End to end operating model

XTRACTOR offers an end to end, streamlined flow from the configuration of the initial data model to the actual digitization and reports based on the extracted content.






Case Study 1:

Digitize Tax Forms

“I was staring at one mountain of an issue with a high volume client to digitize and import all their tax forms in time for a regulatory requirement to kick in. It was at that moment, I was introduced to eClerx and to Xtractor. eClerx applied their tried and tested procedures to gauge the requirements and come up with a scalable solution to manage the thousands of forms in scope. Manually it wouldn’t have been possible without an army of resources. The best part was that Xtractor was able to codify and run very complex rules to capture unstructured information from the mails as well. I would recommend eClerx and Xtractor to anyone who is looking for a robust content digitization platform!”

CEO, One of the leading Tax Documentation Software Providers in EMEA and Americas View Casestudy
Case Study 2:

Digitize Legal Docs and Analyze Risk Metrics

“eClerx has provided us exemplary services in terms of setting up a legal document capture and analysis practice in our bank. Their combination of Operations SME and technology form a potent solution delivering best practices, seamlessly. We were able to automate the capture of around 15 different agreement types with a quick TAT. We were also gain valuable insights, analyze and mitigate the risks via their analytics dashboard!”

CTO, One of the FED 14 investment banks View Casestudy

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